Watch the New Crazy Thin Gorilla Glass 2 Somehow Survive 121 Pounds of…

Gorilla Glass 2 is just as strong, tough and impressive as the original Gorilla Glass. Only difference? Gorilla Glass 2 is waaaaaaaay thinner at only .8mm compared to the original Gorilla Glass at 1mm. And at that size, 20% is a big freaking deal. Nothing currently has Gorilla Glass 2 but you can be sure even more… » 1/10/12 4:03am 1/10/12 4:03am

So Is Gorilla Glass 2 Real or Not?

Short answer: yes. Corning announced today that it will be debuting the next iteration of Gorilla Glass at CES next week...though as cryptically as possible. It is reputedly designed with device manufacturers' move towards thinner, lighter displays in mind. Take that, sharp corners. [Corning via Engadget] » 1/06/12 1:00am 1/06/12 1:00am