The Onion's New GotchaBoxes for 2007: Even More Hilarious Than Last Year

The witty pranksters at The Onion are at it again, creating a whole new set of four GotchaBox containers for Christmas, 2007. Get one of these fake boxes ($7.99, or $17.99 for a three-pack, available November 19) and wrap it up with a real (or shitty) gift inside. Then watch their faces as they try to get all excited… »11/16/07 1:00pm11/16/07 1:00pm


The Onion's GotchaBox Plays Mind Games With Greedy Fools

If you're sick and tired of all the Christmas greed, now you can start fucking with your gift recipients, giving them a faked-up GotchaBox with an old pair of socks inside. Who better to make up fraudulent packaging than those merry pranksters at The Onion? They're jerking around everybody with a $20 set of three… »11/03/06 8:56am11/03/06 8:56am