Which Governments Prioritize Privacy and Which Lay On the Spying?

Privacy is on everyones' minds in the U.S. since revelations about the NSA exploded. You can't talk on the phone about some casual pot smoking anymore without your friend making the, "Hi NSA!" joke. And apparently for good reason. » 10/13/13 7:35pm 10/13/13 7:35pm

Why Snail Mail Should Just Die Already

You'd think the UK government would be able to at least afford A4 paper for its printers, considering the amount we pay in taxes. But according to The Telegraph, the HMRC forgot to order enough paper to print tax reminders. » 7/25/11 10:57am 7/25/11 10:57am

The Government Doesn't Need Telcos' Help To Spy On Your Cellphones,…

The Federal Government has used the cell tracking 'Triggerfish' gadget for years now, and sometimes with great success. That's because its an effective, invasive piece of hardware: by posing as a cell tower Triggerfish is able to quickly glean valuable identifying data from phones. Like phone taps, this had previously… » 11/17/08 7:16am 11/17/08 7:16am