TomTom Go 940 Live Leaked: Includes Live GPRS Traffic Data and Google Searches

A "leak" at a UK online retailer's site reveals a whole bunch of info on TomTom's Go 940 Live GPS system: it looks like the system comes with a GPRS unit to give it live traffic and fuel-price info and the ability to Google search. Yep, alongside the IQ routing and intelligent lane advice that the Go 930 »8/22/08 10:15am8/22/08 10:15am and the new …

Pocketsurfer 2 Mobile Internet Communicator Reviewed (Verdict: We Wouldn't)

The Gadget: A handheld internet browsing device that functions using a GPRS data connection, freeing you from the confines of limited Wi-Fi coverage. The Pocketsurfer 2 incorporates a specialized compression technology that does away with the typical slow speeds associated with GPRS. Datawind did great work in… »12/15/07 2:10pm12/15/07 2:10pm

Dash Express Next-Gen GPS Navigator Gets Official Look and Launch Schedule (Gallery)

If you want to know what the next big move in navigation will look like, it's the Dash Express, shown here for the first time in its final design. The wireless net-connected GPS is just about through with its successful national road beta test (which many of you have participated in) and it's on track for early 2008… »9/17/07 12:01am9/17/07 12:01am

Toshiba Portege R500 Ultra-Portable Notebook Gets HSDPA, FCC Clearance

That super light 2.4-pound Toshiba Portege ultra-portable (previous version here) has gotten a little upgrade in the form of 3.5G HSDPA connectivity. That's right, you'll soon be able to take this laptop out anywhere and still be able to get online and upload your own YTMNDs, thanks to the GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, WCDMA and… »7/20/07 11:52am7/20/07 11:52am

Dash Express GPS Road Test Sign Up NOW: Free Next Gen Navigator Anyone?

Hey, want to play with that Dash GPS I just wrote about a minute ago? Before anyone else has them? For free? If you love driving as much as you love free next-generation gadgets, stop reading Giz, click here and fill out the form to be part of Dash's Road Test. You've got the jump on the rest of the Internet, so go. »4/09/07 1:03am4/09/07 1:03am

First Shots of Dash's Datalink'd GPS Routing Around Traffic

It was so many months ago when we showed you the first of Dash's first of its kind GPS with a cellular data link inside. Today, here are the first photos of the device's updated interface, including Yahoo! search results for local points of interest. And traffic data measured by some mashup of historical data, time of… »4/09/07 1:02am4/09/07 1:02am