GPS-Tracked Biggest Drawing in the World is Complete Fake

You know that so-called "biggest drawing in the World" made by pin-point DHL mailings of a GPS tracker? Well, all you doubting commenters were right: it's a complete and utter fake. While artist Erik Nordenankar was allowed into a DHL warehouse, that's about it as far as any real mail is concerned. A note on his… » 5/28/08 7:02am 5/28/08 7:02am

GPS Wrist Tracker Has GSM for Live Position Updates

In January we brought you some info on the SPOT GPS tracker that broadcasts live info on your whereabouts, and now just four months later there's this new wrist-mounted gizmo that does almost the same. The Wrist Tracker is actually a multifunction device that has a GSM unit built-in, alongside the GPS tracker and… » 5/20/08 9:00am 5/20/08 9:00am

SPOT GPS Tracking Device Is Perfect for Remote Climbers and Jealous…

Walt Mossberg has had a look at the SPOT satellite messenger, a GPS gadget aimed at adventurers and thrill seekers. Not only does it call in the emergency services if you're stuck and there's no cellphone tower for miles, but it also sends out position updates to keep friends back home updated on your expedition. It… » 1/30/08 7:05am 1/30/08 7:05am