Throwing My Broken Laptop in the Oven Baked It Back to Life

Every couple months I pull out my old gaming laptop from college: a busted-ass Dell m1210 that's had its motherboard replaced four times under warranty because Nvidia couldn't get its shit together. It never works right. I've had enough. I'm sticking this sucker in the oven. » 3/24/15 12:00pm 3/24/15 12:00pm

GTX Titan X: Nvidia's Absurd New $1,000 Graphics Card Is a Beast

Two years ago, Nvidia announced its original Titan graphics card, a bad-boy built on the company's Kepler technology and for a time the most powerful card out there. Now, the Titan X is here and it's ready to reclaim the throne. » 3/17/15 3:00pm 3/17/15 3:00pm

Apple Is Quietly Repairing MacBook Pros With Faulty Video for Free

PSA: Apple has launched a repair program for MacBook Pros from 2011 to 2013 displaying video problems. People with video issues who have the affected models can get them fixed for free, and people who already paid to get their laptops fixed can get a refund. This includes MacBooks with scrambled video, video that… » 2/20/15 10:10am 2/20/15 10:10am

Nvidia's Got a New Next-Gen GPU and $3,000 Graphics Card

Nvidia is only just starting to put out cards that run on its new Maxwell architiecture, but its eyes are already on the future. Today at its annual GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia announced its next, far-future architecture: Pascal. » 3/25/14 1:34pm 3/25/14 1:34pm

Intel Iris: Integrated Graphics Are Finally Awesome

Intel's integrated graphics have taken plenty of heat over the years, and most of it deserved. But the climb to respectability that started back with Sandy Bridge is about to get a turboboost. Meet Iris, the biggest generation jump in Intel's integrated graphics to date. Get ready to game. » 5/01/13 11:00pm 5/01/13 11:00pm

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan: A Massive GPU That Might Be Unbeatable

Today Nvidia is pulling the wraps off the GK110-based GeForce GTX Titan, a single-GPU card that is expected to easily capture the title of Baddest Ass GPU in the world when benchmarks are released this Thursday, February 21st. The Titan is Nvidia's "Big Kepler" GPU, and has double the transistors and almost double the… » 2/19/13 9:16am 2/19/13 9:16am

Eight-Core ARM GPUs Could Bring Console-Class Graphics to Your…

Right now, ARM graphics aren't exactly bad. The Samsung's Galaxy SIII with its quad-core Mali 400 GPU leads the pack in mobile prettiness, but the upcoming ARM GPUs, scalable to eight-cores, could blow it out of the water. » 8/06/12 12:40pm 8/06/12 12:40pm

Ivy Bridge Benchmarks Show Integrated Graphics Might Not Suck (As Much)

We've been hearing for years that integrated graphics—meaning your computer doesn't have its own, separate graphics card—won't catch up to the beefier cards, but it'll be good enough some day soon. Hasn't happened yet. But these reported benchmarks of Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors from CPU World look pretty… » 2/23/12 9:17am 2/23/12 9:17am

Samsung Galaxy S II Has More GPU Firepower Than Any Android Device

Anandtech benchmarked Samsung's refreshed Galaxy S II phone over the weekend and discovered that its Mali-400 quad-core GPU contained within its EXYNOS chipset is not only powerful, but nearly 2x faster than any other Android device—phone or tablet. » 9/12/11 10:40am 9/12/11 10:40am

AMD Claims the Radeon HD 6990M Is the Fastest Consumer GPU

Mere weeks after NVIDIA claimed to have the fastest GPU on the market, AMD is now claiming supremacy with their Radeon HD 6990M graphics card, despite having a lower clockspeed by over 500MHz. » 7/12/11 11:00am 7/12/11 11:00am

Nvidia's Quad-Core Tegra 3 Chipset Can Handle 1440p Video

The next Tegra chipset (codename: Kal-El) is still in development, but today we learned that it will feature a quad-core CPU and 12-core GPU that are 5x more powerful than the Tegra 2 innards. It can out 1440p video to a 2550x1600 display as well. » 2/15/11 7:28pm 2/15/11 7:28pm

Is Apple Ditching Nvidia's Discrete Graphics In the Next MacBook Pros?

Apple has long-preferred Nvidia graphics in its MacBook Pros to Intel's integrated solution, even engineering their own graphics-switching technology to squeeze Nvidia in. But after the upcoming release of Intel's next-gen Sandy Bridge processor, those days may be over. » 12/09/10 8:36am 12/09/10 8:36am

Every Laptop Plagued by Explode-y Nvidia Graphics Cards

It's been a while, but remember the epidemic of defective Nvidia graphics cards that had a tendency to off themselves? One class-action law suit and settlement later, Nvidia's listing every affected laptop, 50 models sold from 2005-2010. [Nvidia via MaximumPC] » 10/01/10 9:38am 10/01/10 9:38am

Nvidia's GeForce 400M Series Roids Up Notebook Graphics of All Classes

Nvidia gave us a taste of what its Fermi-based notebook graphics cards would be like with the GeForce GTX 480M, but now it's time to meet the whole family. That's seven Fermi GPUs, running the gamut from face-melting to face-singeing. » 9/03/10 12:00am 9/03/10 12:00am

VLC 1.1.0 Adds GPU Decoding For Windows and Linux

Hey! Everyone's favorite video playing software, VLC, jumped to 1.1.0 today and added some GPU decoding for Windows and Linux users as well, giving your CPU a break when you're trying to play those gigantic HD files you've been feverishly torrenting. One caveat: the Windows version only works with nVidia GPUs, as… » 6/22/10 1:21pm 6/22/10 1:21pm

AMD Demos Hybrid CPU/GPU Fusion Chips For 2010 Release

AMD has been trying to crack their Fusion technology—combining a CPU and a powerful GPU in the same chip—for years now. Today, they showed off working Fusion chips in a demo that got Intel and Nvidia's attention: » 6/02/10 9:07am 6/02/10 9:07am

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 480M Just Turned Your Notebook's Graphics Card…

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 480M is the steroidal notebook graphics card you've been waiting for (if you're a huge nerd): The world's fastest notebook GPU according to Nvidia, it's the first mobile chip using Nvidia's ridiculous Fermi architecture. » 5/25/10 10:19am 5/25/10 10:19am

Nvidia's Fermi Graphics Card Roadmap: When You Can Melt Your Eyeballs…

Nvidia's Fermi-based GeForce GTX 480 might be the fastest GPU in the world, but it's five hundred dollars. So, you might be more interested in their actually affordable variants, coming out later this summer, which are $300 and $100. » 5/04/10 9:58am 5/04/10 9:58am