Gracenote Exec: Music Industry ThisClose to Giving In on DRM

Ty Roberts, CTO of Gracenote—the company that runs CDDB, among other endeavors—said at a conference on DRM this week that record labels are "about to cave in the next six months" when it comes to DRM and downloads, giving credence to Jobs' claim that half of iTunes tracks will be available DRM-free by the end of the… »4/26/07 8:00pm4/26/07 8:00pm

Apple Keynote 2007: Speculation that iTunes will Snag Song Lyrics

Gracenote, which provides all of that fancy information about CDs when you pop them into your computer and play (or rip) them in iTunes and other players, has a lyric service in the pipeline set to launch in "early 2007" after inking deals with several record labels to license song lyrics. Interestingly, the press… »1/05/07 12:54am1/05/07 12:54am