Apple Will Not Be Building Their Largest Store in Grand Central

The rumor that Apple was building their largest retail store in New York's Grand Central Terminal was always a little odd. Where would it all go? Why there? Aren't there rules against altering landmarks? In any case, a source close to the MTA has confirmed to BetaBeat that Apple has backed out of its preliminary… »3/20/11 12:00pm3/20/11 12:00pm

Apple Rumored to Build Their Largest Store in New York's Grand Central Terminal

Apple is rumored to be building another retail store in Manhattan, this time in Grand Central Terminal. CultofMac is reporting that it'll be Apple's largest store yet, at over 16,000 square feet, which would best London's Covent Garden location. The store is rumored to open in fall of this year. [CultofMac] »2/17/11 3:45pm2/17/11 3:45pm

Hands-On With Newber, The Location-Aware Call Redirector For Your iPhone

Think of Newber as sort of a location-aware GrandCentral »11/17/08 3:00pm11/17/08 3:00pm call directing service that lives on your iPhone and can forward calls automatically to whatever landline is closest to your location. Other features, like being able to swap phones in the middle of a conversation, making and receiving calls from a "Newber"…

PhoneTag "Hacked" For GrandCentral, Converts Voicemail to E-Mail

PhoneTag, the gang that turns voicemail into text, has "hacked" Google's GrandCentral. The service that consolidates all of your phone numbers into one is useful for people on the go, but its voicemail system is clunky, especially for those needing fast access to messages. That's what makes this hack so clever. »5/13/08 10:00am5/13/08 10:00am

GrandCentral Gives You One Number To Ring All Your Numbers

The GrandCentral service gives you a way to ring all your phones (up to six) from a single number. When a caller dials the free number GrandCentral gives you, all your phones ring and it's up to you to decide which one you want to answer. If you're at home, pick it up with your landline, and if you're out, pick it up… »9/27/06 5:10pm9/27/06 5:10pm