Wacom Intuos4 Is Completely Wireless

The fifth Wacom Intuos4 is named the "Intuos4 Wireless" as it teams up with Macs and PCs via Bluetooth. An 8 x 5-inch display used with a pressure-sensitive Grip Pen will have designers porting their creations to Adobe instantly. » 2/01/10 5:50am 2/01/10 5:50am

Proview All-in-One PC is iMac-esque, with Pen-Writing Screen

Several all-in-one desktop PCs seem to have taken design inspiration from the iMac recently, but Proview's upcoming VD1-26W has the added feature of a pen-sensitive screen for freehand writing, drawing and, presumably, mousing. It's no HP Touchsmart, but is pretty slimline, with connections and ports pushed into a… » 6/11/08 5:47am 6/11/08 5:47am