NASA's Morpheus Lander Completes Its First Explosion-Free Test Flight

We all have to crawl before we can walk, and NASA's Morpheus lander is no different—well, except for the fact that "crawl," in this case, actually means burst into a pile of flames. But all that's in the past, and NASA's taken to their YouTube and Instagram accounts to show off the absolutely stunning success of the… »12/10/13 4:51pm12/10/13 4:51pm

Watch the SpaceX Grasshopper Reach A New Record-Setting Height

In the past few months SpaceX's Grasshopper has done test runs that included jaunts to 250 and 325 meters above ground. The rocket has been regularly sticking its landings and has even done some side-to-side maneuvering. And now the Grasshopper has taken its biggest hop yet to 744 meters aka 2,441 feet aka almost… »10/12/13 3:10pm10/12/13 3:10pm

Watch SpaceX's Grasshopper Break Its Record For Taking Off and Landing Vertically

Another day, another Johnny Cash-accompanied test of Elon Musk's SpaceX Grasshopper rocket—which is not to say this isn't exciting, because consistency is the name of the game for a commercial reusable rocket. Especially the Grasshopper, which can take off and land vertically. In this most recent test, the… »4/23/13 9:33am4/23/13 9:33am

SpaceX's Grasshopper Rocket Takes Off and Lands Vertically and Can Also Hover

There's no doubt that the future of this country's space exploration lies in the hands of the private sector. And Elon Musk's SpaceX is clearly at the forefront and the company's reusable rocket, the Grasshopper, is a sight to see. In a recent test, the Grasshopper vertically took off, ascended to roughly 12… »12/27/12 1:12pm12/27/12 1:12pm

Jumping Robot Leaps Tall Rocks and Plants In Single Bound

PopSci is showing off a cute little robot that will use grasshopper principles to get a leg (or two) up during search-and-rescue operations. Dario Floreano and Mirko Kovac of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems in Lausanne, Switzerland built this 2-inch, 7-gram wonder capable of leaping eight feet in the air »10/20/08 8:30pm10/20/08 8:30pm while…