Australian University to Create Real Life Town of 'Eureka'

Eureka happens to be one of my favorite shows on TV, and the fact that the University of Queensland »10/27/08 9:10pm10/27/08 9:10pm plans to build a nerd nest similar to the fictional stronghold makes me very happy. Especially since they're not tied up with that meddling Department of Defense. The "multibillion-dollar brain city" on the western…

Lyle Lanley Sells Futuristic Rail System to Ann Arbor, Detroit

Update: Unsurprisingly, this is bunk, as confirmed by Ann Arbor officials. But hey, the concept is still… interesting.
Everybody knows that the biggest, most bustling cities in America are Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan. You know what they say: "If you can make it in Ann Arbor, you can make it anywhere!" That's why… »2/14/08 11:15am2/14/08 11:15am