Christopher Lloyd's LEGO Ad Makes Us Want A New Back To The Future Movie

Doc Brown returns in this fun trailer for WB Games’ Lego Dimensions, in which the zany scientist helps construct the device that enables the toys (including his own tiny doppleganger, and lots of other familiar faces that have nothing to do with Back to the Future) to virtually “come to life.” »5/23/15 4:50pm5/23/15 4:50pm


Real McFly 2015 Prototype Shoe from Back to the Future, Part II Available on eBay

While Nike is releasing some half-baked Back to the Future "inspired" shoes, purists know that they aren't the real deal. Sort of looking like the shoes from the movie isn't enough. They need to be the shoes from the movie. Well, here you go: the original prototype shoe built for the movie. It doesn't get much more… »7/11/08 5:01pm7/11/08 5:01pm