Huge Erections: What’s Driving The Rise Of Super Towers?

Is it just us or are towers getting taller and taller these days? Broad Group, a Chinese developer, recently announced plans to scale up its prefabricated building technology to unparalleled proportions. The proposed Sky City outside Changsha will be the tallest on earth at 838 m or 2,749 ft, just barely inching past… »5/24/13 3:40pm5/24/13 3:40pm


One of the World’s Greenest Commercial Buildings Opens Today

Happy Earth Day! Wait, you didn't know it was Earth Day? You probably aren't alone. The 43-year-old fauxliday has declined in popularity over the past few years, perhaps because it's been so thoroughly co-opted by companies interested in associating with sustainability—it's easy to be cynical about greenwashing. »4/22/13 1:40pm4/22/13 1:40pm