Sol Shaver Solar Razor Keeps You Civilized Even in the Wilderness

You never know who you may run into when you're traveling in the wilderness, hiking the long trails and climbing those big mountains, so you really want to be clean-shaven, don't you? The Sol Shaver Solar Razor solves that problem, never needing any batteries, plugs, or any other of those unfortunate reminders of… »10/12/07 7:00pm10/12/07 7:00pm

HY Mini, the Portable Wind and Solar Power Generator

When you think of wind power, your mind may wander to those old Dutch windmills, wooden shoes, a finger in the dam and all the pot you can smoke. But the oddly named HY Mini does the wind power thing on a much smaller scale. It gets its cherry popped by both wind and sun, gathering energy with either its tiny turbine… »10/12/07 3:55pm10/12/07 3:55pm

21-Green-Gadget Salute to Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize today. The former vice prez was honored for his tireless efforts to let everyone know that climate change is real and that we should all be pretty damned scared about it. We certainly are, but we've been thinking the sky is falling for the past couple of decades at least. Anyway, to… »10/12/07 12:20pm10/12/07 12:20pm