Solar City Teams Up With Tesla for Solar-Powered Sports Car Driving

One of the problems we can see with the Tesla Roadster is that you still have to suck up pollution-causing power to run the thing, even though it doesn't directly pollute the air with noxious internal combustion engine fumes. Now Solar City has teamed up with Tesla to provide solar panels that you install on the roof… »12/07/07 1:20pm12/07/07 1:20pm

Zero House From the Future is Totally Green, Off-Grid

Not only is this Zero House by architect Scott Specht completely green, automatic and self-sufficient, but it looks so badass it could've come out of the movie Clockwork Orange. That extra wide roof holds a slew of high-efficiency solar panels that let you say goodbye to electric bills, powering the whole house and… »11/13/07 9:31am11/13/07 9:31am