Eco One Sports Car Races at 150 MPH, Made from Salad

This is the Eco One, a one-seater sports car that is green in more ways that you would imagine. Not only does it run on wheat and sugar beets at 150 mph, going from 0 to 62 mph in less than four seconds, but the bill of materials looks like a salad: potatoes, cashew nut shells, rape seed oil and hemp. Check the… » 7/26/07 7:50am 7/26/07 7:50am

Energy Bill Got You Down? You Need Penguin Power!

In the universe of gadgets meant to monitor or conserve energy usage, this is the first we've seen that takes an anime approach. The Lifinity ECO is either a thermostat or a energy monitor (or both), using helpful cartoon penguins that keep tabs on your heating and AC settings, as well as the stuff plugged in around… » 5/18/07 11:53am 5/18/07 11:53am