Dell Introduces Their Smallest, Greenest PC Yet

Click to viewMichael Dell, the king of Dell, just previewed his company's smallest and greenest desktop PC yet at FORTUNE Brainstorm: GREEN. There's no name for this mini green PC, shown rendered above, but it's 81% smaller than a mini tower and 70% less energy-consuming. It's also shipped in recycled and recyclable… » 4/22/08 4:01pm 4/22/08 4:01pm

Zonbu to Roll Out $99 Linux-Based Computer This Summer

Click to viewThere's a cheap computer on the way that undercuts them all, the $99 Zonbu, due this summer in a silent-running form factor that's about the size of a paperback book. It has 4GB of flash memory on board, and automatically backs up a copy of your data online. Besides that $99 purchase price, you'll also… » 5/07/07 9:51am 5/07/07 9:51am