Google's World-Saving Clean Energy Plan Costs $4.4 Trillion, Dramatically Shrinks Google's Power Bill

Google, who in aggregate, effectively knows everything, unsurprisingly has a solution for our energy problems. The plan, called Clean Energy 2030 will cost $4.4 trillion over its 22-year span, if we start on it right now »10/02/08 1:15pm10/02/08 1:15pm. Google says it'll give us back a net of $1 trillion, like half of which will be savings on…

Student Develops Cheap Power Turbine For Developing Nations

It's one thing to tinker in your garage to restore that old gas-guzzling muscle car that you think will get you some action. It's something entirely different to invent an electricity-generating wind turbine out of scrap parts that could revolutionize personal power in developing nations, especially if you're in… »8/20/08 12:20am8/20/08 12:20am

Seven One-Terabyte Hard Drives Enter, Seven Leave (But Only One is the Best)

ExtremeTech just compared seven one-terabyte hard drives with varying platter sizes and architectures and discovered that the drives are actually all quite similar, but with minor variations in power, noise and speed. If you're looking for a low power, low noise drive that's lightly slower than the rest—perhaps for a… »3/11/08 2:00pm3/11/08 2:00pm

Solar Ships May Carry Passengers in San Francisco as Early as 2009

The concept of solar ships is nothing new, but it appears that Austraila's Solarsailor may be on the brink of bringing the technology to the mainstream. Hornblower Yachts in San Francisco is in the midst of negotiations with the Coast Guard to install a Solarsailor sail on one of their commercial ferryboats. If all… »11/07/07 8:40pm11/07/07 8:40pm