Finally A Chance To Bend The Weather To Your Will

It always rains the day you're moving or gets really icy when you have a lot of driving ahead of you. Murphy's Law definitely applies. If you could control the weather things would be much easier, and Design I/O wants you to feel like you can. Their installation allows participants to make it rain, produce wind, drive… » 6/30/13 5:14pm 6/30/13 5:14pm

How Those Awesome Time Traveling NBA Commercials Are Made

If you've watched any basketball games this past season, you might have noticed some really great commercials that showed current NBA stars in their earlier life (in high school, college, etc) interacting with people from "the future" (or 2011). It's amazing when you see 2005 version of Kevin Durant "react" to the fact… » 3/26/11 7:00pm 3/26/11 7:00pm

Yoostar Green Screens You into Classic Movie and TV Scenes

Now you can desecrate your favorite movies and TV shows by using Yoostar's Webcam/microphone, green screen, and software to insert yourself into famous scenes. The results are easily uploaded to, where you can also buy more scenes to use. » 8/31/09 6:00am 8/31/09 6:00am