None of Apple's Computers Are Environmentally Friendly Anymore (Update)

Though Apple typically lauds itself for being green, it has decided to stop adhering to environmentally friendly standards. According to the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), the standard for green consumer electronics, Apple has pulled all 39 of its computers from being certified green by… » 7/09/12 11:40am 7/09/12 11:40am

Best Buy Expands Gadget Recycling Program To All Stores

Best Buy has gone nationwide with the gadget recycling program they began testing back in June. It isn't the best recycling program out there—no TVs over 32-inches, no "appliances", and a $10 fee for recycling laptops and TV monitors that is converted into a Best Buy gift card. Still, it ranks high on convenience. [… » 2/24/09 1:20pm 2/24/09 1:20pm

Ikea To Sell Flatpack Solar Panels Soon?

That's what the Cleantech Group is reporting, based on details of a recent €50 million investment into Ikea's GreenTech fund, used to finance research into consumer solar panels, green building materials, alternative light sources, etc. In the same way that Wal-Mart can basically fart one night and wake up the next… » 8/07/08 11:00am 8/07/08 11:00am

Best Buy Testing Free E-Waste Recycling Program (No Catches, So Far)

It's rare we get to write something positive about Best Buy, but here goes! It's testing a free e-waste recycling program in 117 stores in eight states (Update: Here's the detailed list, thanks Loop!). You can bring in two items a day, like computers, monitors, TVs up to 32 inches, etc., even if it didn't originally… » 6/02/08 12:40pm 6/02/08 12:40pm