The Truth Behind Costco Cash-For-Gadgets Program

Click to viewWhen I learned about Costco's money-for-gadgets recycling program, I got excited. I calculated estimates for some old gadgets lying around my apartment, and I started looking forward to the $122 bonus that would surely come my way in time for the holidays. Nearly two months later, the estimate has been… » 12/28/07 11:00am 12/28/07 11:00am

Costco Gives You Money For Your Junk

No longer content with selling 50-gallon drums of Tide, caskets, and delicious yogurt parfaits, Costco has teamed up with Greensight Technologies to offer you gift cards for recycling your old electronics. I have a few useless gadgets laying around, plus some prized electronic treasures. I decided to see what Costco… » 10/29/07 7:20pm 10/29/07 7:20pm