Letter from a Moto Insider: How Stupid Execs Ran Moto Into the Ground

Geoffrey Frost was Motorola's Chief Marketing Officer, and the RAZR was his baby. Last month, we got a letter from his former personal adviser, Numair Faraz, written to current Motorola CEO Greg Brown about how a cabal of inept, out-of-touch executives more worried about their golf score than the company drove once… » 3/26/08 3:15pm 3/26/08 3:15pm

Motorola CEO Looking for Fresh Blood to Lead Battered Handset Division

A month after he personally seized the reins at Motorola's beleaguered handset division, CEO Greg Brown is already looking to hand off the responsibility—and maybe the flak?—to someone from outside. Maybe a new perspective is what it needs, all those RAZRs start to look the same after a while. Oh wait. [Into Mobile] » 3/04/08 6:00pm 3/04/08 6:00pm

Motorola Gifts Personalized Copies of Its ROKR E8 to Oscar Nominees

Just like they did at last year's ceremony, Motorola is gifting 2008's Oscar nominees with personalized versions of its as-yet-unreleased ROKR E8.
Yeah, yeah, you probably think we are turning into a celebrity website, but, given the past few weeks of will they, won't they? speculation as to whether they are getting… » 2/07/08 7:54am 2/07/08 7:54am

Motorola CEO Seizes Control of Slumping Cellphone Division

Amid rumors that Motorola may spin off the handset division into its own company, CEO Greg Brown has announced he will be taking control of the unit in an effort to remedy its poor performance. With 3GSM around the corner and all eyes on Moto, they better have something good in the pipeline. [Reuters via RCR Wireless… » 2/04/08 9:58pm 2/04/08 9:58pm