Russia's New Armor-Fooling Rocket Grenade Is An "Abrams Killer"…

The new rocket-propelled grenade RPG-30 anti-armor weapon recently unveiled in Russia has a sneaky trick to help it get past active defenses—it fires a tiny decoy rocket flying ahead of the main warhead. This is to confuse defensive systems into attacking the decoy, meaning they're too busy to successfully defeat the… » 12/01/08 9:30am 12/01/08 9:30am

Exploding Dye Toy Grenade Patented, Parents Nervous Already

Exploding dye toy grenade: four words that really shouldn't go together, but sound so much fun when they do. A new patent shows a design that has a working time-delay pin, and a compressed air canister to blow the powder and dye contents liberally around once the shell splits in two. We're thinking it'll be used in… » 3/17/08 10:15am 3/17/08 10:15am

Capsule Fire Extinguisher Concept Arms You With Flame-Tamping Grenades

This rugged fire-extinguisher concept contains both an oxygen supply to help you breathe and exploding powder pellets that you roll, grenade-like, into a fire to put it out at a distance. We're slightly worried at the idea of having an oxygen tank near lots of flames, but hey ho, it's great that designer Woo Seok Park… » 1/28/08 8:50am 1/28/08 8:50am

Grenade-Shaped Alarm Clock Requires Wall Impact To Shut It Off

If you need a way to kickstart your mornings, or just really hate waking up before 3pm, this trio of alarm clocks may pique your interest. The alarm clocks are shaped like a grenade, soccer ball or baseball and are covered in a soft PVC material for reasons of safety. It features a sensor that shuts off when its… » 9/06/07 5:56pm 9/06/07 5:56pm