J-Lo Gresso USB Drive Will Abuse Your Wallet, Dignity

Gresso, the makers of all things ridiculous and overpriced, have hit home with their worst idea ever. They intend to pre load their ridiculous and overpriced flash drives with new albums by artists no one is any longer interested in. The first (and possibly last) offering will be Jennifer Lopez's new album, Brave,… » 11/04/07 12:50pm 11/04/07 12:50pm

Gresso Ltd. Debuts Avantgarde Collection of Hoity-Toity Cellphones

At first we were wondering if the mysterious Russian company Gresso Ltd. even existed, but now those Russkis are showing off a line of fancy-schmancy Windows Mobile 6-packing cellphones it calls the Avantgarde Collection, all gussied up in African blackwood and titanium. The Avantgarde Sol, the pretty little bauble… » 8/07/07 11:45am 8/07/07 11:45am

Gresso Luxury Phones: Unique Like Snowflakes

Move over Vertu, looks like you got some company on the horizon. Though little is known about Gresso (other than the fact that they operate from Russia) they've just come out with a new luxury phone they claim is "well equipped technically." The phone itself is made of gold and African Blackwood (which is reported to… » 11/16/06 10:58am 11/16/06 10:58am