Griffin's Guide Uses Magnetic Building Blocks To Snag Your Cables

Wireless protocols like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RF, Z-Wave, and NFC have made our lives a little more cable-free, but we're not clear of the tangles just yet. Odds are your desk is still covered in power and sync cables for laptops, smartphones, and tablets. And while Griffin's new Guide doesn't eliminate them, it can… »1/04/15 12:00pm1/04/15 12:00pm

Power-Ups and Crash Damage Make These RC Cars a Real-Life Mario Kart

Griffin isn't the first out the door with an RC toy that uses your iPhone as a remote control. But it is the first company to come up with some compelling ways to use the iPhone's touchscreen for more than just steering. Its new Moto TC Rally car is packed with sensors that detect crashes and impacts affecting how… »11/07/13 3:40pm11/07/13 3:40pm

A USB-Packed Dock For All Your Phones and Tablets To Call Home

Laugh if you will at the absurdity of a dock that can charge and store ten different devices, but if you stop and actually count how many things you need to plug in every night, it stops being so absurd. By now most households have at least a few smartphones, gaming devices, and a couple of tablets. And with an… »9/05/13 5:00pm9/05/13 5:00pm

The Skyview Turns Your Tray Table Lock Into a Hands-Free Device Mount

There's finally a good reason not to feel complete and utter resentment towards the flight crew that made you fold and lock your seat tray up. Griffin's Skyview is a universal hands-free adapter designed to hold everything from a Galaxy S4 to an iPad Mini using the locking mechanism of most tray tables as a mount. »7/02/13 11:45am7/02/13 11:45am

Griffin's iTrip Auto Transmitter Now Streams Harman Aha Content

Drivers stuck with just an FM radio in their rides can now access Harman's Aha streaming content through Griffin's iTrip Auto transmitter. The service, which includes over 30,000 stations covering everything from music, to news, to audiobooks, has typically only been available in new vehicles or aftermarket in-dash… »1/07/13 12:00pm1/07/13 12:00pm

Charge All Your iOS Gear From a Single Outlet With Griffin's PowerDock 5

If your bedside table has become an unmanageable menagerie of phones, tablets, and other devices charging overnight, Griffin wants to bring order to your chaos of cables. The company's new PowerDock 5 charging station has a footprint no larger than an iPad, but can accomodate up to five tablets, or a mix of devices,… »1/06/13 12:37pm1/06/13 12:37pm

Griffin's Glowing iPad Stylus Lets Kids Draw Without Banging Up the Screen

Children are drawn to the iPad like flies to honey, but children are also notoriously bad at taking care of their toys. And if the thought of a young'n bashing away at your tablet's display with a pen leaves you anxious, Griffin's got you covered with a glowing stylus that lets them draw in mid-air. »1/06/13 11:26am1/06/13 11:26am