Graffiti Research Lab Draws Rude Things on Buildings

The Graffiti Research Lab has been to Spain for its holidays. Packing their Mobile Broadcast Unit—nice, isn't it?—the crew headed off to Barcelona for OFFF, the International Festival for Post-Digital Creation Culture, and this is what they did, Art Terrorists that they are.
» 6/20/07 5:09am 6/20/07 5:09am

Graffiti Research Labs Mark Up Buildings With L.A.S.E.R.TAG

The tech-savvy artists over at Graffiti Research Lab hacked together a large-scale tagging projector using a standard notebook computer, 5000 ANSI DLP projector, a 60mw green laser (apparently super illegal in a lot of places and very dangerous), an astronomer's camera, and some other random crap. » 2/20/07 10:48pm 2/20/07 10:48pm