How a RadioShack Computer and AOL Viruses Led to the Creation of GroupMe

I got exposed to computers in elementary school, where I learned to type and play games like Oregon Trail. I quickly fell in love with technology and unsuccessfully asked my mom for a home computer. I begged and begged and begged, and finally my mom broke down and got me a 25 MHz Tandy computer from RadioShack when I… »8/16/12 1:30pm8/16/12 1:30pm

GroupMe iOS and Android Apps Updated With Free Data Messaging and More

We fell in love with GroupMe at CES, but at that point the app itself was sort of secondary to the whole experience; you used it once to set up your group, and from then all the magic happened via SMS. No more! Today, the free GroupMe apps for iOS and Android both got huge updates, putting the app itself front and… »3/01/11 10:25am3/01/11 10:25am