Groupon CEO: We Need to Stop Taking Stupid Risks

Here's something—other than reactivated coupons—that might cheer up disgruntled users of Groupon: its CEO does at least admit that the company's been acting like a bunch of irresponsible asses. » 4/26/12 4:11am 4/26/12 4:11am

Your Expired Groupons Are Valid Again Thanks to $8.5 Million Court…

Remember that deal you purchased on Groupon—$30 for a $50 laser hair removal? It expired, and your unibrow has grown out of control. But you're in luck. Groupon has agreed to pay an $8.5 million settlement in a class action lawsuit claiming that expiration dates are illegal. Better yet, the court also ruled that you… » 4/03/12 11:52am 4/03/12 11:52am

This Is the Dude Who Runs Groupon

Good news people! You can be worth 6 billion gazillion dollars and still act like a total assclown. I'm very glad this is the case. Now I just need 6 billion gazillion dollars. [Twitter via Business Insider] » 11/01/11 10:14am 11/01/11 10:14am

How to Win Every Single Time You Have a Shitty Groupon Experience (Or!…

The inherent problem with voucher sites like Groupon is that you pay up front, so if a merchant screws you or won't accept a coupon, you're very probably stuck dealing with the voucher site. Enter Voucher Complaints. » 8/19/11 8:00pm 8/19/11 8:00pm

Google Could Kill Groupon If They Don't Screw Up

Google made good on their promise that they'll turn our phones into wallets by rolling out Google Offers in Portland last month. Now, with more details on how their vision will pan out, it looks like Google has a winner. Unless they lose focus. » 6/25/11 1:55pm 6/25/11 1:55pm

Groupon's Helping Turn the Internet Into One Big Pawn Shop

The place you'd go to flog your ex-fiancée's engagement ring is now online, thanks to the Groupon founders. Apparently they want to pull the shame out of pawning your belongings for a quick cash-loan, with their new investment, Pawngo. » 6/07/11 12:00pm 6/07/11 12:00pm

AmazonLocal Is Amazon's Daily Deals Site That Aggregates Other Daily…

Amazon's entrance to the Daily Deal's website is an interesting one. AmazonLocal, from the looks of it, seems like any other Groupon-clone. But if you look closer, AmazonLocal is aggregating deals, instead of offering it themselves. » 6/02/11 12:25pm 6/02/11 12:25pm

GrouponLive: Ticketmaster Sinks Its Claws into Your Favorite Deal…

Looking to broaden their respective reaches, Groupon and Live Nation have huddled close in some small, dark corner of the internet to spawn GrouponLive, a new "online ticketing deals marketplace." There's no real meat to the press release in terms of what kind of deals we can expect to see out of the pairing, but I… » 5/09/11 10:20am 5/09/11 10:20am

Here's a New Pathetic Thing to Do: Getting Paid to Watch Facebook Ads

Looking at the previous night's drunk texts can be a "My God, what am I doing with my life" moment. So too will be the realization that you're being paid ten cents to watch an ad on Facebook. Coming soon! » 5/06/11 3:20pm 5/06/11 3:20pm

Facebook Launching Groupon-Like Deals Today?

Facebook's believed to be opening the lid on Deals for the US today, which will bring Groupon-like offers and coupons like parts of Europe (and Canada) have seen. If you check out Facebook Deals' site, it mentions that "Deals will be available soon in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco." Expect more… » 4/07/11 4:40am 4/07/11 4:40am

Facebook Will Poke You With Groupon-Like Deals Soon

Facebook's gearing up to compete with Groupon, because Facebook's gearing up to compete with everybody! Bloomberg reports that the social giant's coupon service will get a trial run shortly in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta, and Austin, and will expand from there. [Bloomberg] » 3/14/11 11:52am 3/14/11 11:52am

The $12,500 Groupon You'll Never Use

Groupon! Never before have you been offered so many art classes at such low, low prices. And while the site's bread and butter is often, well, bread and butter at a semi-fashionable local restaurant, one recent deal offered a whopping $12,500 discount. Too bad it's not for you. » 3/09/11 10:20am 3/09/11 10:20am

As Groupon Gets More Popular, Businesses Need a Better Way of…

It's something you may've noticed cashiers fumbling with in the past—those paper print-outs you hand them when buying your cheap burrito/manicure/American Apparel leotard. So it's understandable that Verifone wants to work with Groupon and retailers, making dedicated Groupon buttons for cash registers. [BusinessWeek » 3/09/11 9:34am 3/09/11 9:34am

ShopSavvy Will Integrate Groupon In Its Apps

Barcode scanning app ShopSavvy is joining forces with Groupon to bring relevant local deals to its apps. The deals will be catered to users based on shopping history and preferences and will appear in the app's "Deals" tab. [TechCrunch] » 2/22/11 9:58pm 2/22/11 9:58pm

Groupon Pulls Plug On Questionable Ad Campaign

Oh, Groupon. After an ad in poor taste brought all the bad publicity (which I guess is also good publicity?) you can heap on a coupon website, the company has decided to pull the campaign completely. So long, insensitive Timothy Hutton. I liked you better in Beautiful Girls. [Groupon] » 2/11/11 2:59pm 2/11/11 2:59pm

Groupon Responds to Super Bowl Commercial Controversy

Yesterday, Groupon dipped into its $950 million piggy bank, and spent a bit of that dough on a couple Super Bowl ads. The group-discount service touted the spots as a way to give in to its "Napolean complex" and "invade the rest of the world" with a proper primetime commercial. » 2/07/11 8:20pm 2/07/11 8:20pm

Elizabeth Hurley Hawks Groupon In Brazilian Wax Super Bowl Ad

Why even watch the game? All the hotly anticipated Super Bowl advertisements leak early nowadays. Like this one, from up-and-coming community buying powerhouse Groupon: Updated. » 2/06/11 2:55pm 2/06/11 2:55pm