An Algorithmic Newspaper Published For Just One Coffeeshop in London

Perhaps the future of newspapers is all about local distribution—very local distribution, as in a whole newspaper printed for just one coffeeshop in London. The Newspaper Club has teamed up with the Guardian to launch what they call an "algorithmic newspaper," published only for one location, its content… »12/05/13 12:20pm12/05/13 12:20pm


Robot Fights in Osaka, Where Referees Talk to Things Without Ears

Dum-da-duuuuuuum! I wish I had some fabulously portentious-sounding music to play you, complete with booming timpani, to announce some mano a mano between a bunch of Robotos and their crazy machines. Oh, hold on. Play that video and you'll have it. This is a recent Robot Fight, which took place in Osaka between a… »5/17/07 6:47am5/17/07 6:47am