China Presents the Goochi Guchy Gucci Cellphone

The Italian fashion house so beloved of fans of pubic topiary is no stranger to having its products knocked off by enterprising people wanting some of the Gucci dollar. Nevertheless, you can bet your life that its people will wince when they see just how a chinese cellphone company has interpreted the brand. The… » 12/11/07 5:07am 12/11/07 5:07am

Gucci Designers Prepping Mobile Phone of Their Own?

Given the LG Prada's rise to fame, it wouldn't surprise me if Gucci felt a little bit of envy and decided to jump in on the designer cell phone bandwagon. Still, the picture looks a little suspicious to me and you can't really tell whether the "Gucci phone" is a clamshell, slider, or touch-screen like the Prada.… » 3/12/07 10:58am 3/12/07 10:58am