Netflix Movie-Watching Marathon Ends After 123 Hour and 10 Minute Record

Apparently the sight of Susan Sarandon was too much for the final two contestants in the Netflix Movie Watching World Championship in NYC » 10/08/08 2:30pm 10/08/08 2:30pm. After a record-breaking 57 movies or 123 hours and 10 minutes of nearly constant entertainment, Suresh Joachim () and Claudia Wavra walked away with the coveted Popcorn Bowl…

EVOLTA, the World's Longest-Lasting AA Alkaline Battery, Coming to the…

We first heard about the Guinness record-holding EVOLTA » 9/24/08 12:00pm 9/24/08 12:00pm AA battery back in April, but at the time they were only available in Japan. However, Panasonic is bringing their new product to the States staring this October in AA or AAA four and eight packs (priced at $5 and $9 respectively). I would just stick with…

Mob Takes Over Office Lighting To Transform Tower Into Giant Frosty Pint

Sure it's an ad, but taking over your office building's lighting system en masse with an army of thirsty friends as an homage to every Irishman's favorite stout is a pretty refreshing dream while you're pinned inside your cubicle. Now if we could just do this with a massive INSTEON installation-then we'd be set. Check… » 7/31/08 12:20pm 7/31/08 12:20pm

Firefox Claims World Download Record (No One Disputes It)

Mazel tov, Mozilla, for claiming the Guinness world record for most downloaded software in a 24-hour period after 8 million of your minions snagged Firefox 3 on launch day. It's not that big of a feat considering you took the record from absolutely no one, but you sure set the bar pretty high for anyone planning on… » 7/03/08 10:30am 7/03/08 10:30am

The "Moaster" is the Highest Popping Toaster in the World

You know how sometimes your toast doesn't quite pop out of the toaster fully? And because your judgment is a little impaired that early in the morning, you decide to jam a fork in there to dig it out only to be electrocuted and rushed to the hospital? Sure, we have all been there. However, Freddie Yauner, the dude… » 6/23/08 3:20pm 6/23/08 3:20pm

Turiba University Sets World Record With 1,911 Simultaneous Coke-Mentos…

Some people celebrate anniversaries with food, or a little dancing, but Business University Turiba in Latvia decided to have a little fun with a Gizmodo favorite: the ol' Mento in the Coke reaction. For the school's 15th anniversary, the students set out the break the previous world record for this category, which was… » 6/21/08 10:00am 6/21/08 10:00am

New Guinness Rube Goldberg Ad Directed by Bravia 'Bouncing Balls'…

This new Guinness ad, airing for the first time tonight in the UK and shot over the course of a week in a village in Argentina, features a sweet Rube Goldberg contraption made out of everything from dominoes to old cars to flaming bales of hay. Apparently sequences of it were shot upwards of 15 times, so it probably… » 11/09/07 9:46am 11/09/07 9:46am

Folding@home Recognized By Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records has acknowledged Folding@home as the world's most powerful distributed computing project. On September 16, 2007, months after the program was first distributed to PS3s, Folding@home hit 1 petaflop—setting the record. But just a week later (September 23), PS3 users alone reached the petraflop… » 10/31/07 9:48am 10/31/07 9:48am