Remainders - The Good, Bad and Ugly Things We Didn't Post (and Why)

Buckle the eff up for Remainders today, because we've got: A man in a chicken suit playing "What Is Love," two separate Christmas-themed videos (one Muppet, one Guitar Hero), minor Apple updates, and a severed hand crafted of breakfast foods. » 12/12/09 12:20am 12/12/09 12:20am

Polk HitMaster "Monitor" Means Inexplicable Faux Instrument Arms Race…

The disdain I harbored for that ridiculous Altec Lansing Guitar Hero "stage monitor" was fading this morning, but news from Polk that they, too, would be entering the world of fake music accessories revived those feelings anew. » 10/25/09 2:00pm 10/25/09 2:00pm

Guitar Hero 5 Official Drumset Has More Realistic Cymbals

The official Guitar Hero 5 drumset has finally been unveiled! And it''s... exactly like the last one, except with rounder, Rock Band-y cymbals. No price yet, but it ought to be cheaper than Logitech's. Full tracklist and more at Kotaku. » 7/16/09 7:23am 7/16/09 7:23am