Guitar Hero: On Tour DS Bundle Coming in June

In a conference call today Activision said that their DS rendition of Guitar Hero will be hitting stores in June, and Nintendo was so impressed by the controller add-on, that they're allowing the hardware to be included with the game as a bundle set. Activision didn't discuss price or specific release day, but it's… » 5/09/08 4:59pm 5/09/08 4:59pm

Guitar Hero On Tour for Nintendo DS Controller Revealed

Turns out all those crazy Guitar Hero for DS renders were just about as crazy as the official add-on, with German gaming mag N-Zone.de showing off the wraparound controller in all its glory. It attaches to the back of the DS and has a hand strap so you don't drop the thing while hitting the notes on the right side… » 3/19/08 3:02pm 3/19/08 3:02pm