Audio Engineer Claims that Metallica's Latest Album Sounds Better on Guitar Hero III

Mastering Engineer Ian Shepherd »9/17/08 6:40pm9/17/08 6:40pm is among those who believe that the distortion Metallica fans have been complaining about since the release of is not present in the . As he notes: "In comparison, the released CD version is - to coin a technical phrase - smashed to f**k." So who or what is to blame here? Shepherd…

Activision: By Guitar Hero III/Rock Band Guitar "Agreement," We Meant "Money"

Remember how Harmonix wanted to release a patch to let you use Guitar Hero III guitars on Rock Band for the PS3, but then Activision blocked it and Harmonix told everyone about it, and then Activision said Harmonix just didn't wanna play ball, where it pretty much seemed like Activision meant Harmonix didn't want to… »12/20/07 5:40pm12/20/07 5:40pm

Dad Sells Son's Guitar Hero III for $9,000 After He Catches Him Smoking Dope

A 15-year-old Canadian had his hard-to-find Christmas gift taken off him before he'd even had the chance to unwrap it. After the teen was caught smoking a spliff, his father retaliated by flogging his Wii copy of Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock he'd lined up for his son's Christmas present on eBay, netting him over… »12/17/07 8:31am12/17/07 8:31am

Activision Calls Harmonix a Punk, Says They Were "Misleading" About Blocked Patch

All the back and forth between Activision and Harmonix, it's starting to look like Poison vs. Motley Crue or Sammy Hagar vs. David Lee Roth or something. Today, Sammy (Activision) said that MTV Games/Viacom shot down a deal to use Guitar Hero's guitars with Rock Band—it wasn't just Activision throwing a bitch fit.… »12/14/07 3:10pm12/14/07 3:10pm

Activision Roadblocks GHIII Guitar Support for PS3 Rock Band

The magical patch from Harmonix that was going to give Rock Band on the PS3 some sweet compatibility with Guitar Hero III's guitar has been cockblocked by Activision. It was ready to go on Dec. 4, but Activision threw its hands (and probably lawyers) up in the air, so the patch is in limbo. Harmonix, on the other… »12/12/07 8:40pm12/12/07 8:40pm

Afternoon News: Robo-Pimpin' Ain't Easy and Some Other Stuff

• Traffic camera in Capitola, California is way too sensitive, issues tickets to innocent drivers 60% of the time. Makes sense to me, the only California drivers I've ever seen aren't much for speeding. [Ubergizmo]
• UPS using software to minimize left-hand turns in their deliveries, claims it will save three million… »12/12/07 3:59pm12/12/07 3:59pm

Rock Band Patch Adds Support for PS3 Guitar Hero III Controllers

In the battalion of boxes that encases Rock Band's high quality gear there is but one guitar. Since you can't buy the instruments separately yet and Guitar Hero III's guitar won't work w/ RB on the PS3, your band is effectively bass player-less. Harmonix to the rescue: The upcoming patch for PS3's RB includes "a… »12/05/07 9:50pm12/05/07 9:50pm

Target's offering an exclusive Guitar Hero III bundle for the PS2 that includes the game and two con

Target's offering an exclusive Guitar Hero III bundle for the PS2 that includes the game and two controllers for $110, saving you 20 bucks on buying another guitar, if you don't already have like, 17. Oh, and they've apparently got a pukey red and white color scheme, to go with the whole Target thing. [Kotaku] »10/19/07 4:39pm10/19/07 4:39pm

Wireless Guitar Hero III Controller for PS3 Not Entirely So

If you're expecting to be undistracted by the smooth, seamless lines of your PS3 as you faux jam on your Guitar Hero III controller to "Cult of Personality," get ready for some eyesoreness. Since GH's controller doesn't work with the PS3's built-in Bluetooth, there's going to be some donglage hanging from the PS3's… »10/05/07 4:40pm10/05/07 4:40pm

Guitar Hero III Controllers Look Sweet But PS2 Gets the Last Riff

It's official: You should keep your PS2 around for Guitar Hero III since it picks up the most badass guitar of the bunch, a black Kramer. The PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 all get boring white Gibson Les Pauls. But at least now you can swap the faceplate out for something that shreds a bit harder, like My Little Pony (of… »7/10/07 3:00am7/10/07 3:00am