10 Ways to Ditch Guitar Hero and Score With Real Groupies

So, Guitar Hero: World Tour »10/10/08 4:00pm10/10/08 4:00pm is set to drop on the 26th. That is all well and good if you are a fan, but the last time I checked, record labels were not handing out millions of dollars to Guitar Hero virtuosos so they could tour the world and score with groupies. The only way that is going to happen is if you learn how…

Guitar Hero: World Tour to Get Mystery Peripheral Just for Studio Mode

G4 says »8/21/08 7:00pm8/21/08 7:00pm they've got a scoop on a Guitar Hero: World Tour peripheral that hasn't been announced yet, one that's just for the game's studio mode to help you make music. It's not for the game mode at all, apparently. We're kind of thinkin' accordion, but G4 guesses it'll be a keyboard. Another option is something like ,…

Rock Band and Guitar Hero Instruments Will Finally Play Nice Together on PS3

After bickering »8/18/08 3:00pm8/18/08 3:00pm between Activision and Harmonix meant Guitar Hero's guitars with Rock Band on the PS3 ('cause for Harmonix to release the patch), Sony has grabbed them both firmly by the nuts and said "everybody's instruments must work with everybody's games." This means that Guitar Hero: World Tour's —guitars and…

Premium Rock Band 2 Drum Kit Surfaces: "Badass" Is The Word You're Looking For

I play Rock Band like a champ, and when I'm with my crew I'm usually on drums. I'm a drummer, and I love playing them, and the included drum controller always seemed just fine to me. Kotaku found this photo of the premium Rock Band 2 kit and I've decided I must have it. UPDATE: OK, so this kit doesn't ship with Rock… »7/11/08 8:20pm7/11/08 8:20pm

Guitar Hero World Tour's Touch-Guitar Previewed (Best Guitar Controller Yet)

IGN has the first hands on with Guitar Hero World Tour, which continues the instrument one-upmanship with a touch-sensitive neck on its more guitar-sized guitar that'll let you do lots of wicked stuff like alter notes during a sustain above and beyond the whammy bar, or tap it to play like a slap bass. In the music… »6/19/08 5:42pm6/19/08 5:42pm

More Buttons, More Money: Guitar Hero World Tour Costs More Than Rock Band, $190

It looks like all those extra buttons and cymbals in Guitar Hero: World Tour that will make it better than Rock Band (cause more buttons = more better) don't come cheap. Gamestop is listing the bundle at $189.99 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 ($179 for PS2), $20 more than Rock Band's $169.99 retail price. With tax, that's… »5/24/08 2:46pm5/24/08 2:46pm