N-Tune Guitar Tuner Offers On-Board Tuning

Losing tuners comes more naturally to us than actually playing the guitar, which is why this N-Tune guitar tuner seems so great. It attaches under your guitar's volume knob and lights up to the appropriate key when you're in pitch. At $100 it's also $94 more expensive than the tuner we currently own, so we're going to… » 1/23/08 1:50pm 1/23/08 1:50pm

Self-Tuning Guitar: Synthax Tronical Powertune

Add this electromechanical Tronicle PowerTune from Synthax to your Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul, and all you need to do is press a button to tune up that ax within two seconds. Have a tin ear? Or are you on a stage with 120dB music blasting in your ears? Dial up the tuning you're looking for, and it's done.… » 3/20/06 9:37am 3/20/06 9:37am