New Gulfstream jets' flight deck looks like a sci-fi spaceship cockpit

Gulfstream has new jets, the G500 and G600. They can fly at almost supersonic speed and come with lots of new cool stuff, like a new cabin that is supposed to make you feel like you are not flying or this new glass cockpit called Symmetry—which looks out of some sci-fi movie. » 10/14/14 3:35pm 10/14/14 3:35pm

Near-Supersonic Gulfstream 650 Unveiled, Steve Jobs Gets Excited

The new Gulfstream 650 was unveiled yesterday at their Savannah factory. Yes Steve Jobs, yes Al Gore, yes Kevin Rose, this one can take you anywhere in the world with its 7,000 nautical miles range at a top speed of Mach 0.925 (704mph,) almost the speed of sound at a 41,000-feet altitude. You and your 99,600-pound… » 3/14/08 10:30am 3/14/08 10:30am