95,200 Pieces of Chewed Gum Make Up the World's Largest and Grossest Gumball

That gigantic yellow stained ball of goopness? It's made from 95,200 piece of chewed Nicorette gum. It's the love creation of Barry Chappell, who started rolling his chewed gum into a ball back in 2006. Six years later, it's now 62 inches in circumference and weighs 175 pounds of rubber, saliva and nastiness. People… »1/25/12 5:20pm1/25/12 5:20pm

Chewing Gum Makes You Smarter—But Then You Get Dumb Again

Why do people chew gum? If an anthropologist from Mars ever visited a typical supermarket, they'd be confounded by those shelves near the checkout aisle that display dozens of flavored gum options. Chewing without eating seems like such a ridiculous habit, the oral equivalent of running on a treadmill. And yet, people… »11/29/11 7:20pm11/29/11 7:20pm

Wii Chewing Gum Comes in Rabbit, Zelda and Fit Flavors—Okay, Mint

Better than chewing on your Wii controller, or have the dog chew on your face (which ours has just done to Jesús, so guess who's off to see her husband in ER in a minute?) this official Wii chewing gum is a snip at four bucks. Normally, this is where I type something stupid, but it just doesn't seem appropriate. [GK… »5/16/08 6:45am5/16/08 6:45am