Video of the Backyard Airline Experience in India

Remember the retired Indian Airlines engineer whose stationary airplane parked in his backyard was pulling in the punters? Well, Reuters toodled off to Delhi to clock Bahadur Chand Gupta's Airbus 300 experience for themselves, alongside a bunch of underprivileged kids who are flying for free. Anyone who scoffs at the… » 12/28/07 9:28am 12/28/07 9:28am

Indian Guy Sells Flights in Plane that Never Takes off

An Indian entrepreneur has come up with the ultimate low-cost airline: one that doesn't fly anywhere. Bahadur Chand Gupta, a retired Indian Airlines engineer, bought an old Airbus 300 from an insurance company in 2003, rebuilt it, and it now sits in a Delhi suburb where people pay $4 per "trip" so they can experience… » 10/02/07 1:15pm 10/02/07 1:15pm