Frank Gehry Is Still the World's Worst Living Architect

While it's been widely known for at least a decade that Frank Gehry is the world's worst living architect, it's not entirely clear why some people—mostly very rich clients—haven't picked up on this yet. The utterly god awful Biomuseo in Panama, an eco-discovery center that cost at least $60 million and took a decade… »2/14/14 4:55pm2/14/14 4:55pm


Hilarious Troll Takes Over the Domain Name of Guy Fieri's Restaurant and Posts a Comically Fake Menu (Updated: Mostly Plagiarized)

Guy Fieri, the food personality who spikes his hair with french fry oil, has a new-ish restaurant, Guy's American Kitchen and Bar in Times Square, that was brutally eviscerated by food reviewers. That's probably not good when you're trying to launch a restaurant. What's also not good is forgetting to lock down the… »2/19/13 9:00pm2/19/13 9:00pm