1.4 Million People Have Google Voice, But Not That Many Actually Use It

The reason your friends aren't begging you for a Google Voice invite is probably 'cause they've got one by now. BusinessWeek got a hold of the redacted user numbers Google gave to the FCC, and they're higher than I'd expect: 1.419 million users, only 570,000 of whom actually use it everyday. » 11/02/09 9:51am 11/02/09 9:51am

Google Says They Gotta Block Some Numbers to Keep Google Voice Free

Here's one way for Google to keep people on their side in their tussle with the FCC, egged on by AT&T: Say that the only way to keep Google Voice free is to block those pricey calls to certain numbers. » 10/12/09 12:44pm 10/12/09 12:44pm

Android App of the Week: GV Dials Numbers With Your Google Voice/Grand …

If you rejoiced at Google's re-rollout of the one-phone-number-for-life Grand Central service as Google Voice, you'll be pretty happy about GV—an app that can place outdoing calls using your universal number. » 4/02/09 5:40pm 4/02/09 5:40pm