Aquafit Gymnasium-Spa Hybrid is Watery, Ironic

Apparently, sitting at your chair all day while blogging about gadgets is not supposed to be so good for your health. That's where Dimension One Spas' Aquafit 19 Dual Temp comes in. The $40,000 gymnasium/spa allows users to have a full, underwater cardiovascular workout by using the included rower, tricep pull-down… » 2/09/08 6:45pm 2/09/08 6:45pm

Ferrari Home Gym Protected From Annoying Oxidants

The Ferrari home gymnasium, titled 'Unica', is a muscle caviar—an onslaught to the senses and so elite you'll be out of pocket if you so much as glare in its direction. Constructed from nothing but the finest Italian materials, it will set you back a cool $20,290.

The ultra chic gymnasium is preloaded with 25… » 7/15/07 11:20pm 7/15/07 11:20pm