Hillcrest Labs Sues Nintendo to Keep the Wii Out of America

Now this is interesting. Hillcrest Labs is suing Nintendo, trying to create an import ban on the Wii. They claim that Nintendo is infringing on a number of their patents relating to the Wiimote and the on-screen menu system on the Wii. The whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense to us, as we were under the impression… » 8/20/08 2:01pm 8/20/08 2:01pm

Gyroxus Full-Motion Gaming Chair Leans Your Entire Body

There are gaming chairs that have speakers and a subwoofer, which are nice and have been done to death, but Gyroxus' gaming chair is a GAMING CHAIR. It's akin to the types of rigs you see in arcades that jiggles you like crazy in sync with whatever racing, flying or shooting game you've just thrown four quarters into. » 7/23/08 3:20pm 7/23/08 3:20pm

Wii-mote Prototype Designer Speaks Out, Shares Sketchbook

Click to viewYesterday you saw the first prototype pre-Wii motion-sensitive controller that Gyration pitched to Nintendo in 2001. Today, we received a note from Matt Presta at Bridge Design, who drafted the original concept. Here he explains his mission, shares a peek at the actual drawing board, and gives a shout-out… » 8/30/07 3:40pm 8/30/07 3:40pm

Live from CES: Thomson Mobile Gyration Remotes Pt. 2

Thomson was also featuring the very first Windows-licensed universal remote to be used with Windows Media Center. This remote features Thomson's Gyration hardware to control the Windows operating system and the remote also supports IR for universal control of the rest of your home theater devices. This has a range of… » 1/05/06 3:58pm 1/05/06 3:58pm