It's Impossible To Explain Why These Magnetic Gyros Look So Fun

Humans seem drawn to things they don't fully understand. That's why we have a hunger to explore the stars, and why it's almost impossible for us to put down magnetic toys. The makers of those wildly popular Nanodot magnets have a new obsession for you: a magnet-powered gyroscopic sphere that has no real purpose… »11/13/13 9:47am11/13/13 9:47am


Japanese Scientists Miss The Point, Design Self-Stabilizing Electric Bike

OK, I'll admit that this self-stabilizing bike is clever: it's kind of a Segway turned sideways, using gyros to detect if it's off-balancing, and adjusting the steering automagically to compensate. It's also a standard electric bike, so it propels you along without needing any annoying foot-power: very 21st Century… »11/05/08 7:36am11/05/08 7:36am

Anti-Seasickness Yacht Ensures You're Not Vomiting That Expensive Champagne

If the one thing keeping you from buying a luxury yacht is the fact that you vomit uncontrollably whenever there's a stiff breeze, this Ferretti 630 is something you may want to consider. The yacht has an Anti Rolling Gyro to stop side-to-side swaying, which means that whenever the thing tilts to one side, the… »9/10/07 6:20pm9/10/07 6:20pm