Anti-Seasickness Yacht Ensures You're Not Vomiting That Expensive Champagne

If the one thing keeping you from buying a luxury yacht is the fact that you vomit uncontrollably whenever there's a stiff breeze, this Ferretti 630 is something you may want to consider. The yacht has an Anti Rolling Gyro to stop side-to-side swaying, which means that whenever the thing tilts to one side, the… »9/10/07 6:20pm9/10/07 6:20pm

Buffalo BOMU-W24A/BL Gyroscopic Mouse Works On Desk, In Air

Buffalo's got this mouse, right, and you can use it both on your desk an in the air. Given the easy-to-remember name of BOMU-W24A/BL, the mouse makes use of gyroscopic witchcraft to let users flail the mouse in the air. The software that powers the mouse is only available for Windows, so Steve Jobs will have to find… »11/15/06 8:45am11/15/06 8:45am