Giz Explains: Every Video Format You Need to Know

Once upon time, video codecs and formats were really only the concern of AV nerds, anime freaks and hardcore not-so-legal movie downloaders. Now, even the most part-time of geeks has to deal with them, whether they're trying to stream a flick across their house with an Apple TV, dump some video onto their phone or… » 11/20/08 2:15pm 11/20/08 2:15pm

Windows Media Center Update Might Get Partner Later In the Year

Windows Media Center still isn't what Microsoft wants it to be, but it has its fans, and its getting an update this month that they've been waiting for. Word is coming down, though, that this update isn't the one the users are lusting after, the one with H.264 and DirectTV tuner support. Instead it's a minor upgrade… » 7/08/08 9:00pm 7/08/08 9:00pm