Digital Water Pavilion at Zaragoza World Expo Inaugurated (Verdict: Wet)

Remember the Digital Water Pavilion I previewed last year? Devised by a bunch of MIT brainiacs, who described it as being rather like an inkjet printer controlling droplets of falling water, it was finally inaugurated last week at the Zaragoza World Expo in Spain. Although the video is only short you can see the… »6/17/08 8:10am6/17/08 8:10am


H2O Audio's iPhone Case Saves Your Phone From Toilet Blunders

It's rare that people are clumsy enough to take their phones close enough to a pool to drop it in, but accidentally slipping it into the toilet is another matter. If these people are iPhone owners, then they need the H2O Audio iFR Ruggedized Case, which wraps the phone in a water-resistant seal that protects against… »12/11/07 4:40pm12/11/07 4:40pm