iDive iPod Case and Speakers Are Waterproof Up to 300 Feet

If you simply can't go anywhere without listening to your iPod, H2O Audio's new iDive 300 system will ensure that the tunes keep coming even as your lifeless body sinks into Davy Jones' locker. Features include a polycarbonate casing that uses a locking cam knob to ensure a watertight seal up to a 300 foot depth, an… »10/21/08 2:30pm10/21/08 2:30pm

AMPHIBX Waterproof Armbands: iPhone 3Gs and Nip-Slips Collide

With the Olympics in full-swing, and the watersports getting so intense that both balls and boobs are flying »8/11/08 4:50pm8/11/08 4:50pm (NSFW link), there was no better time for H2O Audio to unveil their new AMPHIBX watersports armband. According to a recent press release, it provides 100% waterproof protection up to depths of 12 feet for both…

H2O Audio's iPhone Case Saves Your Phone From Toilet Blunders

It's rare that people are clumsy enough to take their phones close enough to a pool to drop it in, but accidentally slipping it into the toilet is another matter. If these people are iPhone owners, then they need the H2O Audio iFR Ruggedized Case, which wraps the phone in a water-resistant seal that protects against… »12/11/07 4:40pm12/11/07 4:40pm