These Lego-Like Ice Cream Villages Connect With Chocolate Bridges

Gingerbread has had the "edible holiday house" market cornered forever, but this season ice cream is making a delicious debut. (Yes, I am aware it's just barely September. Stay with me here; desserts—even the festive ones—are news year-round.) Nendo teamed up with Häagen-Dazs to design these sweet little villages that… »9/04/14 12:50pm9/04/14 12:50pm


Moon-Shaped Ice-Cream Sandwich Balls: Coming to a Freezer Near You

The only thing better than ice cream is ice cream with a gimmick. And since ice cream trucks are all actually sort of drugs vans in disguise (right?), and those Pikachu-faced Popsicles aren't even that tasty, please direct your attention to this new and very wonderful upgrade, coming straight from the guys who know… »10/03/12 8:30pm10/03/12 8:30pm

Notes: Eat Honey Bee Vanilla Haagen Dazs, Save the Bees From Your Cellphones

Haagen Dazs is selling a limited edition brand of honey flavored vanilla ice cream, and it is the most incredible flavor I have ever experienced. But don't eat this ice cream for the benefit of your palate. Do it for the bees. Which your cellphones are allegedly murdering. UPDATE: Or not, but who cares? This is good… »6/16/08 8:06pm6/16/08 8:06pm