Impressive aerial photo of a massive dust storm devouring Texas

Twitter user Chris (RaiderTex52) just posted this photograph taken yesterday by his friend Ryan Scott, flying at 38,000 feet northwest of Amarillo, Texas. It's a massive haboob—the arabic term for a type of intense dust storm. It just looks like The Nothingness is eating Texas like a good juicy steak. » 3/12/14 11:35pm 3/12/14 11:35pm

The Arizona Dust Storm Captured In Time-Lapse Video

Arizona was hit with a massive dust storm that turned day into night, halted flights and knocked out power to over 8,000 people. Those in the midst of this amazing storm fired up their cameras and began capturing video of the storm as it hit. Check out the footage above from Mike Olbinski and from Scott Wood below. [… » 7/06/11 1:13am 7/06/11 1:13am